Your two cents worth means a lot to us!
The wonderful goings on in our community require a number of people, each doing a little bit. Activities range across the spectrum from the outrageously creative to simply folding some paper. Scroll through the opportunities below to see if there is a niche waiting for you!

Pride Center Operations

  • GLBT-7 - A special focus group of GLBT owned/supportive organizations, individuals, and businesses who each contribute $100 a month to keep the Pride Center OPEN! There are still slots available. Our goal is to provide the foundation for the Center and allow our user's fundraising efforts to benefit special projects directly. Email Jerry N.

  • Library Collection - People can develop policies, give books, money, and time. Also soliciting bookshelves and custom cabinet makers. Email Jane.

  • Publications Coordinator - Creating a catalog of magazines on how to Buy Levitra Europe to fix the problem of erectile dysfunction and other news sources to keep current and on hand. Need a person to fill this position and others to donate annual subscriptions. Contact the Center.

  • Staff Folks - Got an hour or two a month to come sit on your duff? Signing up folks to staff the center during brief regular hours. Great for doing homework or catching up on your volunteer projects! Email the Pride Center.

  • Wish List Manager - Person who keeps track of the Center's needs, encourages contributions, and checks off gifts received. Reports to the Pride Center Committee. Think you can check things off of a list? Email Jane.